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Customer Reviews

"Thank you so much for the professional product packaging. I searched and searched for a company that could provide a small quantity packaging for an small upstart company and there weren't any to be found until I found FoldedColor packaging. The quality of the work is amazing! It's very important to me as a small business to have professional packaging in a market that is dominated by big brands. I have no doubt my sales will increase now that I have the new boxes to display on my site! Thank you FoldedColor for the great customer support & the awesome packaging!"

-Demetria W. (Swag Beauty)

“I am so happy with the results of my packaging. The color and quality of the print is awesome. Thank you very much!”

“I am glad that there is a company like Folded Color Packaging out there. It's great that, in today's market, there are avenues for start-up inventors and companies like mine to manufacture small amounts of their products, but the packaging part has always been difficult for me until I found you guys. There is nothing more impressive to a customer than a professionally printed package. I can say for certain that the packaging for The Santa Signal has impressed more investors and retailers than the product alone. Without Folded Color, I would have to purchase a minimum of 500 packages. Having the ability to print a minimum of 50 allows a fledgling company like mine to modify and try new package idea without spending a fortune. Even at large volumes, the prices are competitive."

-Erik K. (Santa Signal)

"I work for an interactive media firm and we are pitching an idea to a national client that includes a custom branded box. I worked with FoldedColor to print my boxes and could not be more impressed/pleased/happy with their service. They have reliable customer service that provided recommendations on specs and sizes having very little to go on based on my description. They provided all the tools that my designer needed to submit the project. Additionally, we had a very tight turnaround time and they called me at every step of the process to provide updates. The cherry on top was that the boxes arrived a day early and they were such great quality and everything was reasonably priced. If you are looking for a printer you can trust, their entire team is stellar. Victor on chat and Suzanne on the phone were my go-to's. Thank you FoldedColor!"

-Vanessa S.

"Thank you for our amazing four pack boxes. We have increased our sales by displaying the boxes at our events"

-Gary W. (Gary's Seasoning)

"The order arrived and the cartons look great!"

-Alexei A. (Panda Grip)