Seasonal packaging is a great way to maintain relevance with consumers, while providing a nice boost in sales at the same time. 


Here are (6) tips to consider when creating seasonal packaging for your products:


  • Avoid specific Holidaysextend the shelf life of your products by creating seasonal packaging without specific Holiday themes.  For instance, use a snow theme on your packaging during winter months, rather than Christmas, Hanukkah, or other specific winter Holidays.


  • Underestimate demandmaintain profit margins and avoid the discount bins by producing less seasonal packaging than you think you’ll sell.  Keep in mind, selling out of seasonal packaging a little early will help generate anticipation the following year.


  • Be distinct – don’t confuse your customers by creating seasonal packaging that looks too similar to your other existing products.  Ensure customers can easily recognize that this packaging is only available for a limited time.


  • Focus on your Off-season – if your product sells the best during Winter months, but can be enjoyed year-round, why not create special Spring & Summer packaging?  This is a great way to boost sales and potentially attract new customers.  Nothing says you can’t enjoy a little Egg Nog at Easter, but it might take some special packaging to encourage you to do so.


  • Create collectables – offer a branded hang tag, ornament, or coaster that can be punched out of your seasonal packaging.  This will ensure your brand hangs around throughout the season, and might just be saved and collected for years to come.


  • Change the product – if possible for your product, offering a completely unique flavor, shape, color, or other season-specific option will help build demand and create a sense of urgency in consumers regarding the purchase of your product.

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