Vibrant Color + Unlimited Spot Matching = Significant Brand Value


The most common method of attaining color in printing is through the use of 4-color process, or CMYK.  In this process, a file is separated into four basic colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, to reproduce a color image.  While 4-color process is sufficient for many applications, the CMYK color space is limiting and only capable of covering a small portion of the color gamut that our eyes can register. 


Furthermore, 4-color process printing can only reproduce between 45-60% of Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors.  PMS colors, also known as spot colors, are special shades often used by brand owners to achieve color integrity across multiple media applications.  Distinct blues, reds, or oranges, among others, are often considered critical in delivering iconic visual assets that augment the brand experience, particularly in consumer-facing product packaging applications.


Extended gamut printing, on the other hand, is a 7-color process that combines standard 4-color process with Orange, Green and Violet.  While not a new process, extended gamut is gaining rapid acceptance amongst printers and brand owners alike, due to its ability to achieve more vibrant color, as well as accurately match a wider range of PMS colors.  In fact, 7-color process can reproduce nearly 90% of all solid PMS colors, without the added cost or complexity of using actual spot colors.


At FoldedColor Packaging, our prepress software systems and offset printing presses are standardized for 7-color process.  Consequently, we offer unlimited spot color matching to our customers.  We also have the ability to take standard CMYK files and convert them into expanded gamut profiles to achieve amazingly brilliant color on your next print project.  


Most importantly, we understand the importance of brand integrity and packaging differentiation, therefore we offer Vibrant 7-color + Unlimited Spot Matching at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, which of course, equals Significant Brand Value.