Custom printed packaging is an ideal way to make your product(s) look professional and differentiate your brand from your competitors.  With generic folding cartons, your customers can see that the packaging was not made specifically for your product.  They can tell the difference between standard stock boxes that anyone can purchase, and packaging that was precisely measured to hold, protect, and inform them about your product. Custom packaging looks professional.  With a printed design displaying your brand colors and logo, your packaging will look anything but generic. 


When selecting the shape, style and design of your packaging, try to visualize the way you want to make your product stand out on the store shelf.  Custom packaging also gives you the ability to select the optimal functionality for your product.  If you have a heavy product, you can design your carton using a thicker .024pt paperboard. Utilizing a full auto bottom structure will provide the most support for heavier products over a traditional STE (Straight tuck end) style carton.


The possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to custom packaging.  You can choose from a variety of pre-existing structure styles and then add vibrant colors, images, and text into your graphic design.  It is now easier than ever to stand out from your competitors using custom packaging, and FoldedColor is ready to help make this possible.  Log on today to start your own custom design and see what you can create!



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