Customer Spotlight – Cut that Agate


We are excited to share our first official Customer Spotlight with you this week.   Justin and Brandy are the owners and operators of Cut That Agate.  Here at FoldedColor we love getting to know the people and stories behind the packaging we produce.  We were delighted when Justin and Brandy took the time to answer some of our questions to allow us to learn a little more about them and their business. 



Can you please provide me with a description of your business?

“We provide educational mineral and rock gift items for all ages, made by knowledgeable people, created and produced just outside of Death Valley, California”


 “When we were in our early 20's we discovered rocks and minerals for sale at various festivals and fairs we attended.  After befriending a fellow from South Africa online, we started selling minerals online.  After 15 years doing all sorts of exciting things in the field of mineral sales, we created a video series on YouTube called "Cut That Agate," which gave us the idea for the products we now sell.”


What is your favorite product and why?

“Our products are improved versions of products that already exist in the marketplace.  We owned a "popup" art gallery in Downtown Los Angeles for two years, during which time we sold two gift items that were our motivation to create something better.  The "Break Your Own Geode" kits are great, if your joy is smashing rocks.  There is certainly something to be said about the fun in that, however, it is short lived.  Those geodes rarely break perfectly in half, often times the geode breaks into 6 or 7 pieces, which are interesting for a time, then forgotten about.  Our product, "Cut That Agate" is a refined version of that.  We take and cut geodes and agates in half, polish them at our lapidary workshop and attach both sides together.  You soak the rock in water for a few hours and the rock separates, leaving you two perfectly cut and polished matching halves.  I think the end result is something you can display on your bookshelf, nightstand or office - something you'll keep for a long time, which is why it is a great gift item.”


When did you start using custom printed packaging for your products?  How have these improved your brand image and/or sales?

“Another product we were promoting needed packaging to be sold in stores.  We had a meeting with a friend of ours who owned a store inside FAO Swartz, a famous toy store in New York City.  What he told us had a lot of influence.  It included topics like "Make sure the packaging tells the consumer everything they need to know - Better Packaging is more important than cheaper prices."  He showed us a product to illustrate this point, a clam shell with a pearl inside.  He had this product in two different packages.  One of them was priced $9.99 and was one clam inside what looked to be a cat food tin.  The other was a beautiful box that contained two of these clams, but sold for $29.99.  He could hardly keep the $29.99 version in stock; he had only sold 3 of the $9.99 versions.  When we developed our prototypes of these products, you could see, without the packaging, I would have to tell the customers about the product.  Now, with our wrap around boxes, we have nearly every question and positive point about our product right there. 

Stores across the country can not have me behind the counter showing off the product, so my packaging needs to do that job for me.”


What sort of feedback have you received since introducing your new packaging?

“Nothing but rave reviews so far.  We made sure to do a lot of preparation and market research before even opening up Adobe, which seems to have paid off so far. I'm glad I found a great printer in FoldedColor. “


Where can we buy your products?

“We have Cut That Agate and Gem Hunt in stores and gift shops across the United States. They are also available on our website and on Amazon.”



We would like to thank Justin and Brandy for taking the time to talk to us and look forward to hearing back from them soon. You can buy their products on direct, or at selected stores listed on their website.


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