When we hear the phrase “impulse buying” some of us may attach a negative connotation to it.  For several of us, we know that before we go to the market that we need to create a list and try stick to it.  Many financial problems that people have these days are created from buying impulsively.  Though this may be the case for many, it is not true for everyone, and it is important for customers to try new products even if it means “going outside of the list.”  In marketing, we rely heavily upon impulse buys.  If we have a product that someone has never tried before, we need to make it appealing to the customer, and in turn have them make the decision to purchase on the spot.  So really, impulse purchasing can be a positive thing if it is done in moderation because it opens up customers to newer and better products.


Part of the reason for impulse buying is that people feel good when they are trying something new.  Make sure that your customers make the decision to purchase your new product(s) by using strategic product placement and quality packaging so that you can prevent them from wasting their time and money on competitor’s products.


How can you utilize the “impulse buy” to your advantage?  This is the primary question for those marketing any product.  One of the most fundamental aspects of triggering an impulse buy is your product’s placement in the store.  If your product is tucked away in the corner or on the bottom shelf, many might not even notice it.  To make a big push for your product, you need to obtain a prime location in the store.  By obtaining placement on an end-cap or a stand-alone display, your product will be in prime viewing space for shoppers.  This is vital, especially for newer items that no one has experienced yet.


Once you have a premier location, you have only won half the battle.  Your packaging is what closes the sale.  If a customer walks past a display of your product, and they are immediately unimpressed by the packaging, they will move on despite the fact that it could be the perfect product for them.  You need to catch their eye.  As discussed in previous blogs, utilize beautiful colors, appropriate typography, and eye catching graphics and illustrations to make customers notice your product.  All of these factors, along with quality, durable packaging will convince them to add your product to their basket.  Once they have tried your product, they are sure to become life long customers.



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