Retailers and brand managers must continue to shift their approach to the marketplace, in order to satisfy consumers who “need it now.”  The notion that tomorrow is too late comes from the fact that the entire world is connected and virtually everything is available on-demand. 


Consumers connect with their favorite brands, whether through social media or online apps, and they expect a faster, more convenient, and rewarding association.  Online music, video, and e-book purchases help reinforce the concept that products can be delivered instantly with just one simple click.


This poses an ongoing challenge for retailers as consumers expect their products as soon as they have made their purchase decision.  In order to meet these ever-increasing delivery expectations, consumer product companies will need to continuously improve their response times.

 Waiting for Delivery FoldedColor Blog

 There is no longer enough time to wait weeks or months for custom product packaging.  Lead times  need to be drastically reduced so brands can deliver their products to market faster.  Because in the eyes of today’s consumer, tomorrow is too late.


To be continued….