Consumer product companies understand that a focus on “being green” is more of a necessity than an option in today’s retail environment.  Thankfully, a wide-range of sustainable packaging options exist from a variety of quality custom packaging manufacturers.


Sustainably-minded consumers are a fast-growing segment of the population, not to mention that today’s average consumer is better informed and skeptical of greenwashed marketing.  As such, it’s important for brands to be transparent and clarify their sustainability claims.  If a package is recyclable, provide clear instructions on how to recycle it.  Likewise, if the package is manufactured using alternative energy or other eco-friendly materials, clearly label the package and explain the benefits of your social efforts.


Using your product packaging to clarify your sustainability claims is a priority, however truly conscious consumers aren’t satisfied with generic-sounding claims or certifications printed on the sides of product cartons.  Therefore, many proactive brands also direct consumers to online resources that further explain their environmental position and outline their plans.   This allows conscious consumers to ensure the brand is being honest about their claims, and also provides a platform for the brand to further engage with their consumer(s). 

 Go Green Folding Carton Custom Box

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