With the numerous amounts of consumer products available in the marketplace today, it’s become ever more challenging to obtain, and retain, the customer’s attention at retail.  The burden falls on product managers to make both the brand and product memorable to the consumer.  As packaging is the conduit that connects consumers with brands, it’s critical to design impressive packaging that makes a lasting impact.


Here are the five B’s of impactful packaging:

  1. 1.       Be Simple
  2. 2.       Be Direct
  3. 3.       Be Iconic
  4. 4.       Be Memorable
  5. 5.       Be Emotive

Be Simple

Simple design is effective design.  Visual agitation is a real issue in today’s crowded retail marketplace.  Therefore consumers gravitate towards products with clean, simple packaging that contrasts with the visual noise on the retail shelf.


Be Direct

Presentation sells.  Design your packaging so it speaks directly to your target audience, through specific and attractive use of colors, shapes, images, or messages.  Consumers who are tuned-in to your presentation will tune-out your competitors.


Be Iconic

Impactful packaging delivers visual assets that can be applied to all customer communication channels.  Brands like Coca-Cola excel at this objective.  From the bold red color, to the dynamic contour wave and the iconic bottle shape, the Coca-Cola brand has an assortment of assets, all of which can be used to augment the brand experience.


Be Memorable

Premium packaging creates a memorable experience for consumers.  From the time they purchase a product, to the moment they open the box, great packaging can elevate a product and elicit consumer identification with a brand.


Be Emotive

Consumers respond when a brand makes them feel something, therefore it is important to appeal to consumers’ emotions when designing product packaging.   Emotions are the driving force behind consumers’ preference toward brand name products.  Furthermore, positive emotions toward a brand have a higher influence on consumer loyalty than trust or other judgmental factors.


Brand differentiation is critical to success in the retail marketplace, and brands that follow these guidelines cannot be commoditized.  Follow the 5 B’s above to ensure your packaging is distinctive and impactful, and successfully depicts why your brand is superior to the competition.



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