Paperboard Packaging


Paperboard is an exceptional material with a wide variety of applications. As a print substrate, paperboard provides strength to withstand the rigors of bindery and finishing, especially in folding carton production, but also applicable to cards, folders, and book covers. Paperboard has excellent print capabilities, giving retailers and brand owners the medium to create visual impact on the shelf. It also comes from a renewable resource (trees) and is easy to recycle.


Compared with other packaging material choices, paperboard offers high visual impact and great durability with relatively low weight. Paperboard made from virgin fiber is particularly safe for consumers as it only contains known substances and is manufactured to strict tolerances.


Paperboard packaging is typically shipped flat or folded, prior to product fulfillment. Because paperboard offers a comparative weight advantage over other packaging material choices, shipping costs are reduced while energy reductions are realized.


In contrast to some other material options, once paperboard cartons have done their job, they can be easily gathered, compressed and delivered to an appropriate recycling center. From production through to final disposal, paperboard packaging offers a lower environmental impact than most other packaging solutions, while also providing economic value that’s hard to match.


FoldedColor manufactures custom folding cartons using premium SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate) paperboard with high brightness and an ultra smooth printing surface, for color consistency and uniformity run after run. Our paperboard is Robinson-approved for direct contact with confectionery and gourmet food products. We are committed to lowering our carbon footprint and are able to do so without compromising the quality of our products and service to our customers.

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