Every one of us is different, and we all have different opinions, tastes, and preferences.  This is one of the most important things to understand when it comes to marketing.  Not everyone you are selling to will have the same reaction to one advertisement or package design.  This is why target marketing has become such an important aspect of advertising.  We all know how good our product is.  In marketing, it is our job to convey this idea to potential customers in the most effective manner.  With target marketing, advertisers identify common interests amongst various demographics.  These segments can be based upon age, gender, family size, income, occupation, education, religion, race, nationality, etc.  In identifying the specific wants and needs of members of these various groups, we can be better equipped to display how our products are capable of fulfilling these wants and needs.


One of the most significant things that we need to remember before we utilize target marketing is not to adopt cultural stereotypes as part of our business strategy.  Every one of us has a specific age, gender, and ethnic background that make us unique.  That being said, as individuals it is not easy to entirely understand the thoughts and needs of those who have a different background from ourselves.  In most cases, society has inaccurately supplemented for this lack of understanding by inserting harsh stereotypes.  It is extremely important that thorough research is carried out and utilized that can accurately determine the true wants and needs of various demographics.  One of the most extreme differences of wants and needs between groups is often age.  The things that teenagers want are usually very different from what a 50-60 year old may want.  It is also very easy for these two groups to misunderstand each other, and in turn stereotypes are easily created.  As marketers and advertisers, it is our duty to weed through these stereotypes and identify to our customers how our product can genuinely benefit them.


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Once you have identified the true wants and needs of your various demographics, it is important to utilize your information in the best way to benefit your business.  In many large companies, advertisers hire spokespeople with a specific background that represents a particular group.  In doing so, these companies tend to spark the interest of customers in this particular group.  This may be a little less practical for those of us with smaller businesses.  One great way to utilize target marketing is with our packaging.  After identifying the wants and needs of the various groups of our customers, we can create packaging that is geared directly toward each of these individual groups.  In the past this was a very expensive endeavor because this meant ordering lots of short-run packaging.  As you may well be aware, large orders of packaging have a lower price per piece.  This was the case in the past, but things have drastically changed.  Folded Color packaging has revolutionized a work flow that allows companies to order short runs with the same price per package as a much larger order.  This now makes it possible for any company to utilize target marketing into their business strategy through their packaging.  Lower costs in packaging and higher sales from target marketing will ensure that your company thrives.