Trends in Packaging Part 1



Web-to-print is a term that refers to the use of web-based tools that allow print providers to sell their services online and collaborate more closely with customers.  Web-to-print for packaging is an easy and effective way for printers and print resellers to expand their offerings and help meet long term growth objectives. 


Internet-enabled solutions allow printers to reduce costs, sales and administrative overhead, and significantly reduce production time.  This gives customers the added convenience of an online storefront to browse products, view instant pricing, and submit and manage their orders conveniently and securely.


Modern day consumers expect higher value than traditional packaging printers can provide.   Most traditional printers have high minimum order quantities, long production times, and comparatively higher costs.  Packaging printers with web-to-print platforms are equipped to deliver what customers want:  fast production turnarounds, low quantity options and competitive prices, all with consistent and impressive quality. 


Packaging buyers are continuously looking for ways to control cost and improve market share for their consumer products.  Moreover, they seek to align themselves with suppliers who embrace their quest for efficient and effective means of packaging production.  Packaging printers who embrace web-to-print will be positioned to fulfill customer needs both today and into the foreseeable future.


Web to print