Carton with words on itWhat’s on your box?


We’ve talked about it before, the importance of making your packaging stand out with exciting colors and designs.  This idea is definitely worth expanding upon.  You only have so much space on your packaging; and we want you to use it wisely! 


Get the most out of the space that you have without making it too busy.  Depending on your product, you will want to make different information visible and accessible to your customers.  For example; ingredient lists, allergy information, dosing instructions, emergency information, storing instructions, age limitations, nutrition facts, portion size, and safety hazards are all things you could put on your box depending on who you are selling to.  Your packaging is the primary way to create brand awareness.  Your company name, logo, graphics, and the package itself all contribute to this.  Think about the prism shaped Toblerone carton or the bear shaped honey container.  People identify with unique brand packaging.  Your packaging is your advertisement.  List your company information such as email, phone numbers, or physical mailing address on the outside.  Customers love a company that is easy to contact for help, concerns, or questions.  Your packaging serves as one big business card.  Like a business card, the space on your packaging is limited.  You do not want to cram too much information on your product’s packaging as it can make it look cluttered.  Strategically place your information and remember to leave room for highlighting new product features: “New and Improved,” “Gluten Free,” “Environmentally Friendly,” or “Not Tested on Animals.”  Make sure you are targeting your market and incorporating this into your packaging.  Whether it is your main packaging or a one time promotional package, get the most out of your packaging dollars and make sure that it works for your company.  Let it represent your company, brand, product, and overall image in an attractive, fun, and professional way.