Have you ever wondered what your customer thinks about your product packaging?


A recent study from facit Marketing-Forschung, Munich, outlined what people over 60 years of age had to say about packaging and how it can be improved.


The results of the study indicated the following:


  • *   People were particularly critical of the information contained on the packaging. If it was difficult to read, vague, or if there 
  •     was information missing, they did not approve.
  • *   This same group of consumers was displeased with irrelevant information.
  • *   With regards to functionality, people were critical of product packaging that was difficult to open, could not be resealed, or 
  •      did not allow for the products to be served in portions.


  • *   Finally, people were displeased with the artistic design on packaging. Many felt that the designs were too exaggerated, 
  •      making it seem that there was an attempt to deceive, or that there was a lack in strategy of the placement of the brand 
  •      logo. 


Although this study only targeted people over 60 years of age, this information is extremely useful in attracting the entire array of consumers.

Quite simply, consumers want packaging to provide relevant information, function in a reusable way, not insult their intelligence, and provide brand recognition so that it is easy to find at the time of purchase.


These principles seem very basic, but implementing them in our own packaging may not be quite as simple. In designing your packaging, put yourself in the consumers’ shoes, and try to keep these factors in mind. It may just be the secret to your success.