One important item that most businesses face in the modern age is our impact on the environment.  Now, more than ever people are realizing just how much our world is affected by the way that we live our lives.  As individuals that run businesses, we can have a positive or negative impact on this very topic.  By implementing small but effective changes in the way that we do business, we can leave the world a better place for generations to come.


Among the practices that can make a difference, is the way that we handle our packaging.  Environmentally friendly packaging or “Eco Packaging” is not just about the products that we use in our packaging, but also the way we order packaging.  Ordering fewer boxes generally leads to less wasted material, because companies can order just what is needed for a particular order.  With FoldedColor’s online workflow, it is now more economical than ever to participate in this practice, and in turn help the environment.

foldedcolor leaf box


One of the best things about ordering paper boxes in particular, is that they come from a renewable source.  In particular, paper boxes that are created with SFI certification ensure that our forests are protected for years to come.  Aside from the minimal impact to the environment, our businesses can also draw other benefits from participating in Eco Packaging.  Among these benefits are ease of disposal, versatility, and the elevation of our brand’s image to our customers.  In short, Eco Packaging is an all around win for our business, our customers, and our children.