E-commerce & Packaging

If you are like many, you have probably purchased at least one or two items via the internet.  Hopefully, if you are reading this blog, you are also interested in purchasing packaging online as well…but that’s beside the point.  Purchasing online is a great way to bring great products to you without driving around to various stores and businesses.  The drawback is that products aren’t always delivered in a fashion that displays the degree of sophistication that we may wish.  When the postal service delivers items you have purchased online and you un-wrap them, do you feel at all disappointed with the presentation?  Often times the manner in which our orders are packaged creates the feeling that they were just stocked in a warehouse with a thousand more like it and then dumped in a generic box for shipment.  Despite the fact that this is probably the truth, customers don’t like this feeling.


When you walk into a high-end clothing store, what do you see?  Garments are neatly stacked and hung in a manner that presents an idea of exclusivity.  It is almost as if they are waiting there just for you.  Now think back to that box that was just delivered to your house.  If a customer receives a shirt sealed up in a plastic bag and dumped in an oversized box, will they still receive that same elation? 


As business owners this is something that we need to think about, especially if we are selling our products online.  Until now, online companies have been able to substitute the in-store experience with the convenience of shopping from home, but this will not last forever.  Some companies have already begun to revolutionize a system of simulating the in store experience by creating packaging that is functional during transit and beautiful when opened.  Products come in custom boxes that were perfectly designed to fit the product.  This style of packaging and shipment is the next stage in online ordering and it is important that we are involved in this innovation.  Try to think of ways to make your product unique and think of what your customer will experience when they receive your product in the mail.  Will they be unveiling something unique that was created just for them, or will they be getting the same thing as everyone else?  The power of this influence is in your hands.  Make your customers feel special and show them how exceptional your product is.