The type of packaging that you use should enhance your product, not take away from it. A hard-to-open box has the same effect on potential customers as a closed sign on a shop door. It stops people from buying your product. Easy-to-open packaging works like a welcome mat. It shows you care about your customers and want them to enjoy your product. Packaging should be able to Open, Close, Protect, and Inform.


Some of the most frustrating packaging formats are cardboard boxes, bag/packer, and of course the dreaded plastic clamshell. This can be even more frustrating for those from age 60 and onward, because dexterity decreases by an average of 1.6% per year. When surveyed, over 85% of consumers identified some sort of frustration with packaging. Some of the frustrations that people noted were that they had to use knives, scissors, or another tool to open them; there was too much waste and too much packaging; it was too messy when it was opened; and it was difficult to close or reseal. 

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Thankfully, now some companies are using “easy open” and “reseal-ability” as sales tools. Reseal-ability allows for portability on the go, portion control, freshness, convenience, and most importantly it maintains a branded presence for an extended period of time. After all there is nothing “Good Value” about a large “value” pack if the contents are thrown away before they are finished.


Thinking about the consumers needs is one way for them to start thinking positively about your brand. Packaging is the #1 medium to communicate your brand to consumers. In making your packaging simpler and easier to use, you will be able to build a good relationship for years to come.