Fall is just around the corner, and that means that it is time to start thinking about the holidays.  It may seem a little premature, but as business owners this is an opportune time to promote our products.  Holiday packaging allows you to add some extra flare to your product for the season but it is also a chance to open up more marketing opportunities.  One of the best ways to maximize these opportunities is by utilizing custom paper boxes.


Let’s use the example of a candle company.  A candle is a great gift to give during the holiday season.  Now, let’s say someone decides to purchase a candle for a loved one.  One option for the customer would be to purchase the candle, box it up, and then wrap it up with paper and a bow.  That sounds ok, but they can do better.  By creating a beautiful paper box for that candle, now the customer has the option to give this gift in its original packaging.  This is a very typical practice for gift givers.  After all, why dress up something that already looks great? 


By giving a gift in its original packaging, your customers are promoting your business.  Everyone that handles the gift will see your branding and will become more familiar with your company.  The best thing about the gift-giving season is that it doesn’t matter what your product is, it can probably be given as a gift.  This makes it a great time to promote your product and your business.

 Woman shopping for holiday products

FoldedColor Packaging can help your company design flawless holiday packaging for the season.  Whether you’re ordering 50 or 15,000, we can help.  In fact ordering a small quantity is a great why to try it out.  Find out what we can do for you and what custom holiday packaging can do for your business.