Did you know we provide automatic discounts for multiple-item orders? We mention these discounts on every product builder page, but many customers still place separate orders for multiple versions.


If you order two or more items in a single transaction, we automatically take 20% off your entire order (excludes tax and shipping). There is no minimum quantity required for each item, and all products are qualified. The products don't even need to be the same size or style. Furthermore, these discounts are in addition to any promotional coupons used, reseller discounts, etc.


You might be wondering, “How does this help me?” Well, the next time you need custom packaging, consider creating multiple versions of your design. This will allow you to perform valuable market testing with lower quantities of each version. Based on the test results, change up the designs even further – alternate copy, colors, logo placement, etc. You can change the look of your packaging by season, or have holiday-specific packaging. Also consider having unique packaging designs for different retail locations based on target customer demographics.


Ultimately, your packaging can help sell your product, so make sure you're testing a variety of packaging designs in order to maximize your product sales.


Multiple Version Packaging