One of the most important aspects of packaging is how it feels in the consumers hands.  A package that feels strong and sturdy tells the customer that the product is safe inside.  For example, a sturdy package makes the product seem more durable than a flimsy package.  Package shapes that fit nicely in the hand can be very satisfying.  There are studies that find many consumers are turned off by packaging that requires tools, like scissors, to open and cannot be resealed.  A package that can be opened and then resealed into a solid position can be a very important aspect to include in the package design process.  Consumers are also very displeased with the use of over packaging.  They recognize waste and don’t like to contribute to it.



 For these reasons, paperboard is the ideal medium for packaging your product.  Not only can a product be presented with various custom designed colors, images, and logos, but there are also countless numbers of box styles and shapes that can be created with folding cartons.  A custom box style can be created to fit perfectly in your customer’s hands.  Paperboard is also pleasing to the touch and is easy to open and close.  Are you currently using folding cartons to package your products?  If not, it is probably time to consider making the switch.  Why not give it a try?