Fact: Packaging sells products


Little known Fact:

Prototypes sell packaging



Are you taking advantage of our Prototype options?


Package design needs to capture the attention of customers at the point of sale. But how do you know your designs will be effective? Integrate prototyping into your design process and you will achieve your goals and improve your impact.


Prototypes are a powerful sales tool to help you present to potential buyers or clients. Whether your client is external or internal (i.e. Executives or stakeholders), prototypes allow the individual to see, touch, and interact with your packaging. Let them judge the quality and approve the design with physical samples. Eliminate guesswork regarding critical design decisions. Taking this additional step will help differentiate you from your competition, and help you win support from stakeholders, or secure more business from external clients.


Prototypes don’t need to be expensive, however the insurance and peace of mind they provide can be invaluable. Make sure your full production run is a success by ordering blank samples or an initial short-run of 50 printed boxes from FoldedColor. We will produce your prototypes on the same high-quality printing and cutting equipment that will ultimately produce your full production run.


By providing prototypes you are providing additional value in the decision process. It’s very likely your contacts will actually request prototypes going forward, as a result of their first experience with you.



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