It’s decided.  Time for a fresh start; but is your company ready for a new look?  Maybe you have products that are not selling as well as they should be.  Perhaps a change is long overdue.  If this sounds familiar, it is probably time for some rebranding.  Historically, rebranding has been very expensive, but giving your brand a new look can be easy and affordable.  When you are ready to try new packaging, you can start by ordering smaller quantities as you try on new looks.  A shorter run means less money, less storage space, and most importantly, less risk.


Even if your first try is a success, don’t settle with that decision as there is always room for improvement.  Find any mistakes that you have made or try something new.  Change is very important and necessary to stay competitive.  Map out new goals.  Figure out what your time frame is and communicate it with your staff.  Listen to what they have to say.  Figure out what already works and find room for improvement.  Change your way of thinking and change the way people think about your company.



Figure out what message you are trying to convey.  What do you want others to associate with your company or product?  What changes can be made to integrate this into your branding?  Try new things.  Don’t do the same thing over and over again; take chances.  If it seems scary, start by taking small steps and move forward from there.  As you move forward, continue to do what is working and make changes along the way to find a solution for what isn’t working.  With FoldedColor helping you along the way, you can make your brand stand out.