Cool Colors


Let’s talk about the cool colors in the package branding spectrum.  


Often, the first color that springs to mind when we think of “cool” is blue. We think of the vast, cool calm of the ocean stretching out over the horizon; or the cloudless calm of a clear summer sky. Because of these associations, blue signifies many feelings to us subconsciously.  


To many, blue means Serenity: relaxation, reflection, calmness and feelings of tranquility. It can also turn into an authoritative driving force that conjures focus, credibility, and dependability for your brand. Above all, blue represents loyalty and is often considered a good color to wear to a job interview.  


Blue is used widely in the medical/healthcare industry, government, and in decorating bedrooms. Think of the different shades of blue. How does a light blue come across to you as a consumer? Does it make you think of the cool refreshment of cold glass of water? Does a dark navy make you feel that this is a sturdy, dependable brand that doesn’t focus on the frivolous and gets the job done?  


Another important member of this cool branding family is green. Green is a very popular color in decorating largely because it is the easiest color on the eyes. Like its sibling blue, green also represents relaxation and refreshment. Green can be very pure and make us associate the feeling of balance, calm, harmony, and peace with a product. It can also embody the natural side of things and bring to mind ecology (which is why it is commonly used on organic packaging for food and supplements) fertility, freedom, and nurture. Green is the ultimate symbol for nature and a green room can be very relaxing. Dark greens are sometimes used to signify wealth because of their luxe appearance in design.  


The most powerful of our cool colors is purple. Purple is used to signify royalty, quality and luxury. Purple is widely used in astrology, massage, aromatherapy and healing, yoga, and tarot practices. Purple has a mass appeal because of this ability to convey mystical and spiritual elements, while also creating the feel of a high-end product. Whether you are using a delicate violet, or a rich shade of plum, purple helps your product transcend beyond the ordinary.   


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In creating your packaging design, think about how you can use color to your advantage in creating a look that best represents your brand, product, and industry. These details can be very helpful in catching the attention of potential customers and bringing existing ones back.


Be sure to check back for our next blog in the series where we will be talking about colors in history!