Warm Colors


To start off our color series let’s talk about warm colors. You know, the colors that make you feely toasty on the inside. One of the warmest and most exciting colors is RED.  


Red is a symbol of love, courage, energy, strength, liveliness, romance, and attention. This color can be associated with hunger, urgency, sexiness, heat, and fire. Red is used widely in the food, real estate, and hospitality industries. Emergency services, warning signs, and advertisements are also common as red really POPS and grabs your eyes.


Some negative aspects that are associated with the color red can be danger, intensity, survival, aggression, defiance, falsity or incorrectness, and rage.  This is exemplified by many terms including, “seeing red.”


Red also has an intense psychological effect. Pantone had the following to say about the effect of the color red on gambling: “People will actually gamble more and make riskier bets when seated under a red light as opposed to a blue light.  That’s why Vegas is the city of Red Neon.”


With regard to physiology, the color red can actually raise your pulse.  Red is considered by many to be the most powerful color, and of course, red cars are the most likely to be targeted by thieves and police cars.


When we think about sunshine, most of us tend to think of the color yellow.  Yellow is another member of the warm color category.  This color is associated with cheerfulness, brightness, arousal, energy, drive, ideas, youth, and optimism. Yellow is frequently used in road signs, ecommerce, automotive ads, the food & beverage industry, child care, entertainment, and signifies hazards.  


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Some negative aspects that are associated with yellow can be anxiety, overpowering, irrationality, and fear.  In optics, yellow is the strongest color because it has the longest wave length. It is the most visible color and is the first to be noticed by the human eye, which is why it is widely used for hazard signs and warnings that need to be seen right away. If a room is painted yellow, a baby will tend to cry more, and people will be more likely to lose their temper.  However, it can enhance ones’ concentration. Yellow surroundings can also speed up metabolism.


The final color that we will discuss in our warm color category is orange.  Orange is associated with comfort, abundance, security, youth, energy, fruitfulness, enthusiasm, ambition, endurance, strength, and it has a child like quality (remember the Nikelodeon logos?). Orange is also widely used in the food & drink industry, education, sports, and child care.  Some negative aspects that are associated with orange can be immaturity, frustration, and deprivation.

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In creating your packaging design, think about these attributes and how you can utilize this information. These details can be very helpful in catching the attention of potential customers and bringing existing ones back. Join us in our next blog where we will be discussing cool colors.