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Offset Printing

Color MatchingHow does our printing ensure the best quality for your packaging?

While we offer digital print for smaller quantities, our production runs use offset printing to make sure that your folding cartons have the best printing quality available.

Offset printing uses a combination of colors that lay on top of one another to make up your final color. While the dots that make up these colors are invisible to the naked eye, they provide the sharpest detail and clarity in the final printed result. Printers refer to the color separations that make up these combinations as CMYK, or 4 Color Process. 

C= Cyan, or blue    M= Magenta, or pink    Y= Yellow    K= Black

Believe it or not, these 4 hues are all that is needed to recreate your packaging design in print!

When a printer uses the term “spot colors” they are referring to an ink color, other than CMYK, that is custom mixed to match your specifications. At FoldedColor, our ink technicians and printers are well accustomed to working with spot colors, and we would be more than happy to provide you with a custom quote if a spot color is a brand requirement. Our goal is to produce a finished product that matches your specifications exactly. We utilize the Pantone® Plus Series to maintain the accuracy and excellence of our spot colors.